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BlueMD Acne Blue Light Therapy

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Blue Light Therapy
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BlueMD Acne Blue Light Therapy Dealing with acne is something that most people, especially teens have to deal with throughout their life and they are often looking for a treatment that works such as the BlueMD Acne Blue Light Therapy. The person that is interested in this will find that the product is licensed by the FDA and has been approved by the American Academy of Dermatology as a way to treat acne that the person is dealing with. And more and more people are turning to BlueMD Acne Blue Light Therapy to try it out since they are finding that many other people out there are having great amounts of success.

BlueMD Acne Blue Light Therapy Pros & Cons

One of the most common pros that people point out about the BlueMD Acne Blue Light Therapy is that it does not take too long for the person to use. They will find that the recommendations for using BlueMD Acne Blue Light Therapy are around twenty minutes per day, three days a week and the person will start to notice a difference usually within a few weeks of using this product. Many people have pointed out that this product has allowed them to get the clear skin that they would otherwise not have with the other products that are on the market that they have used in order to treat their acne. The ability to move the light and adjust the height of the lamp is yet another aspect that people point out as being something that they love about this product in comparison to what other products that offer the same results offer. Another aspect that people are quick to point out is that thanks to this product and the fact that they were able to get the skin that they have always wanted that they do feel much more self-confident about their appearance since the product does work so well.

With the good points being pointed out, there are some cons that people are just as quick to point out about the BlueMD Acne Blue Light Therapy product. One such disadvantage is the fact that many people report that it takes a few times to get the whole face if the person is looking to treat their entire face. They will find that they could be sitting underneath the light for around two hours during the treatment time, which is just not something that most people can commit to doing once they deal with all their other priorities throughout the day. Other people report that after a while the light is so hot to the touch that they often fear that this could be an electrical disaster waiting to happen, though there have not been any claims of this causing any type of problem for people. Other people report that while using this that they sometimes feel as though their skin is burning, which many believe is not the best way to encourage healthy skin. Other people find that the light hurts their eyes to the point that it becomes unbearable and they simply cannot use the product. Customer service also seems to be an issue, as many people have reported that it takes forever to talk to someone and sometimes the messages that they send go many days without being answered or even not being answered at all.

So what are real people saying about BlueMD Acne Blue Light Therapy? One the good reviews that are out there, the person will find that people are stating that this is the best acne treatment out there and that they have always struggled with acne and tried whatever they could get their hands on without getting any results. This is the best product that they have used in the past year to get rid of their acne. However, the flip side of these reviews is stating that anyone with sensitive skin needs to steer clear or they will pay the consequences for using a product that is going to cause such problems with their skin such as redness or peeling of the skin due to the harsh lights of the product.

For those that are dealing with acne and are finding that the products that are being prescribed to them or those that are they are using that are over the counter, they will find that they may have the best way to get over their acne. Therefore, they should order a BlueMD Acne Blue Light Therapy in order to get the perfect skin that they have always dreamed of having.

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